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Atkins Diet – How to Start

The Atkins Nutritional Approach™ is a popular diet that focuses on balancing the body’s nutrition and improving energy levels. The diet consists of four main phases, which involve an eating plan combined with vitamins, mineral supplements, and regular exercise. By following these steps, you can start your Atkins journey and lay a necessary foundation for a lifetime of better health.


Step 1: Take Body Measurements

To measure your progress on the Atkins diet, start by taking measurements of your chest, waist, hips, upper arms, and thighs, and write them down. After a few weeks on the diet, these measurements can serve as a reference to encourage you by showing the reduction in your measurements.


Step 2: Fill Out the Blood Sugar Symptom Questionnaire

To get started with Atkins, fill out the Blood Sugar Symptom Questionnaire. This questionnaire will make you feel better after a few weeks on Atkins, when you can measure your efforts and progress.


Step 3: Start an Exercise Plan

If you are not actively exercising, it’s time to start an exercise plan. Start with a half hour of brisk walking for at least four times a week. This, combined with the Atkins diet, can give you quick results. Even a little exercise proves highly efficient, rather than staying completely inactive.


Step 4: Buy Recommended Nutritional Supplements

It is important to buy good enough supplies of the recommended nutritional supplements along with the Atkins diet.


Step 5: Stock Up on Food for Atkins

Stock up on healthy, protein-rich foods like salads, chicken, eggs, turkey, and other foods that are allowed on the Atkins diet. This will help keep you on the right path towards your goals.


Step 6: Eliminate Foods Not Allowed by Atkins

Remove all the foods that are not allowed on the Atkins diet from your pantry and refrigerator to avoid temptation.


Step 7: Find an Accomplice

Try to find someone else who is also following the Atkins diet. Having an accomplice in crime always makes it more successful. The other person can support or motivate you when you stray from the path, and you can do the same for them.


Step 8: Get Your Home and Work Place Ready for Atkins

Get everyone in your home and workplace ready for the changes that will come with your new eating habits. When following Atkins, it’s best to prepare your food yourself.


Step 9: Seek Family Members’ Support

Take your family members’ support for being determined on your way of Atkins.


Step 10: Purchase Lipolysis Testing Strips

Purchase some lipolysis testing strips to get a record of your lipolysis level.

To start on Atkins, these steps are very important. Also, start a journal to record your goals and your gradual movements towards them so that you can see your achievements. Have a recipe box with different recipes of dishes with low carbohydrates, and store all the articles and information available about Atkins to cut down on trips to the supermarket. With these steps, you can successfully start the Atkins diet and achieve your health goals.

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